Women’s Winter Jackets That Will Never Go Out Of Style

While there are trendy jacket options each year that come and go, it sometimes feels like a waste to place such a hefty investment into a temporary piece. Instead of making a purchase that you’ll regret come next winter, put the money towards a jacket that you’ll be able to rely on as fashionable and versatile year after year. There are several silhouettes that are regarded as classics and will be a staple of your wardrobe each winter.

Long Peacoat

The long peacoat style is one of the overwhelming favorites among winter jacket forms, being featured in the infamous Burberry winter catalogue each year. A long peacoat gives a flattering hourglass shape to all of its wearers, sloping in near the hips and back out by the legs. One distinct advantage to long peacoats is that they’re an umbrella term; you can customize the color, how many buttons you want, and the neck opening. In this way, you can have a variety of diverse peacoats that are all timeless in their own way.

Stella McCartney Coat

This jacket will be a winter fashion talking point, with the tailoring of a men’s jacket but the fit to a woman’s body. The minimalistic look integrates extraordinarily well into a variety of different fashion senses, making it a universally beautiful piece from across fashion worldwide. It is comfortable and easy-going, countering stiff collars and turtlenecks very nicely. This jacket also gives you the freedom of piling on a scarf without annoying jacket flaps getting in your way or prohibiting you from styling it the way you wish.

Trench Coat

Not just for Sherlock lovers, a classic trench coat can be extremely formidable and fashion-forward. They are bulkier coats, protecting you from harsh elements and also can relieve you from all the pressure of putting together an outfit—you can simply throw on this jacket, tie the front, and go. Very comfortable, you might prefer keeping it on even while indoors. Because this is such a timeless style, there are many variations, and you can get creative with the kind of trench coat you select.

Women’s Blazer

For the warmer winter days, or to wear under another one of your timeless jackets, a women’s blazer is sure to coordinate with any outfit. By purchasing a safe color, such as black, navy, or gray, you will be able to reuse this blazer until the thread falls apart. You can dress it up by styling yourself in a professional manner, or throw it over a white tee or sweater for a more casual yet modern look.

Calvin Klein Down Coat

For a stylish zip-up option, a Calvin Klein Down Coat definitely does the trick. It is a low-maintenance jacket, yet it provides an effortless radiance to your look, and many of the available colors will glisten under the winter stars. This timeless look will go with anything and will be an extremely versatile look in your closet.